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The Scuttlebutt is a weekly podcast and newsletter for service members and vets that will explain your benefits, help you start a business, or land the big job.

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We do the research for you.

Feeling overwhelmed by resources and the 45,000 veteran non-profit organizations? We research specific benefits like vocational rehab (VR&E), using the VA Loan, and the Post 9/11 GI Bill so you can focus on what pertains to you.

Start a business

Learn from vets who have built successful businesses from scratch.

Whether you're interested in entrepreneurship through acquisition (ETA), start ups, or a side hustle, the Scuttlebutt community has someone who has done it. Learn from and connect with veteran business owners to get your first customer or scale to a million.

Land a job

Turn your military experience into a high paying job.

While time in service is valuable, it doesn't always directly translate into the dream job. We care about finding passions outside of service, identify jobs that fit those passions, and tailoring your resume to land it.

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